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Starting a Blog March 30, 2008

Filed under: Successes — Carla Bobka @ 8:40 pm

Well, this is a place I never imagined I would be:  Carla Bobka, blogger.  But, in the past few weeks I have come to a new place in my appreciation for why this is worth devoting time to.  This is a terrific way to capture snippets of life, ideas, learnings, goals, etc.

A month ago I gave a presentation at Diamond State ARMA’s monthly meeting on organization.  It was focused on techniques I picked up by reading David Allen’s “Getting Things Done.”  In addition there were a number of other technology based organizational tools that I use, like, and MS OneNote.  The presentation is essentially about getting all the information flying into your life into some semblance of order.  I had developed it while reading the book, because I was so excited about how much more in control of things I was.  I felt as though I had gotten an extra hour added to my day.  The feeling of seeing your Inbox at zero is amazing!  Last summer I gave the presentation to our Customer Service group.

I am an ARMA member, and one of my customer’s handles speaker engagements for the chapter.  She had hit a snag with the February program, and having seen my presentation last fall, she asked me if I would mind giving it to the chapter.  I was very flattered.  But, also a bit nervous, as I’d only been a member for 2 months.  I revised and updated things, and the presentation went well.  Actually, the room was packed.  We typically have 15-20 members attend, but this time there were 24.  That day I decided it was due to people’s schedules leveling out now that the holidays were over.  I’m comfortable speaking to a group, so once I began things were fine. 

The feedback I received afterwards was great.  A number people sent me an email later that week to say they’d implemented a couple of the techniques, and had been successful at feeling more in control of all the information and deliverables they had.

In March I saw the same group at a conference.  At least 6 people told me they had bought the book, and began to put their own system together!  It was tremendously flattering.


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