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So Many Things-So Little Time to Blog May 23, 2008

Filed under: Learnings,Life in General,School,Uncategorized — Carla Bobka @ 6:19 pm

Things that have been happening:

  1. Trip to Vietnam and Bangkok for Villanova-gas will never come down, an engine can transform a family from poverty to middle class; Maggie lost another tooth; Uncle Bob died
  2. Sample Wiki for one of my customers-great solution for sharing day to day processes across geographies
  3. New Customers to  My Book-lots to sort out, problems to resolve
  4. Finished Spring Module of School-got an A in Value Creation Thru Technology
  5. Started reading for Summer Module
  6. Got new Learning Cell assignments-great group, again
  7. Registered on Facebook-I never thought I would do that, but it’s really fun
  8. Registered White Clay Financial as company name-more to come on that later
  9. Found a cool website w/ stats on who blogs

We are heading to the shore for the weekend.  The weather should be great.



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