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New Project in Enhancing Customer Service June 3, 2008

Filed under: Successes — Carla Bobka @ 3:47 pm

Last week I was named to a new team.  This is in addition to my current role, so it’s not a job change, just an experience enhancer.

Our VP of Customer Service is developing a portion of our Customer Service North America (CSA-NA) team to assist in managing multi-city customers.  This group is inherently difficult to service effectively across geographies.  The goal of the new initiative is to beta a work group dedicated to a select group of this type of customer.  Beta customers will consist of a handful of those based here in the Delaware Valley.  We are still working to define the most applicable type of customer for the group to service.  My expertise is in the area of real world examples of how customers need us to work across geography, the scope of the work and history of how it has worked (or failed) in the past.  Typically, the local account manager is assigned based on where the decision maker for the customer is based.  Frequently, the service for that account happens in other cities.  That model makes it quite difficult for effective management with other districts’ customer service and transportation departments.  It is most challenging with data protection and shredding service.  Especially with when it is for new mobile shred service, because that must be set up by the servicing district.  The new model will be designed to better manage those challenges.


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