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Executive Coaching June 24, 2008

Filed under: Learnings,Successes — Carla Bobka @ 12:46 pm

I changed coaches today.  I am working with Russ and Blake of Qmax.  The experience has been terrific.  They are about expanding leadership capabilities and execution-exactly what I am looking for.  My current field of knowledge and know how are maxed out and I need to expand what I know.  Their technique for helping me see what else is there and possible are exciting.

Lesson One:  Meeting Effectiveness

What is my intention for a given meeting?  Not a goal, that is a specific outcome which limits possibilities.  But the intention is what I want the other party to leave knowing.

How will I know it was successful?  This is the measurement part.  What will success look like? 

Thinking through both these questions has helped my boil down what I want to achieve to a single sentence.  Figuring out what success looks like takes more contemplation.  But it is worth it, it sets the tone for the mood I need to project in a particular setting.  How enthusiastic do I need to be in a New Hire session to drive their enthusiasm.

Blake used to be a recruiter, so he’s looking at my resume.  It is helpful when someone acknowledges you that isn’t what your are talented at producing.  Sure I know myself better than anyone else.  But, that doesn’t mean I can best articulate those skills and successes.  That takes a word-smith.



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