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Penalty Work and Old Friends June 24, 2008

Filed under: Ideas,Leadership,Learnings,School — Carla Bobka @ 12:58 pm

I missed class last week.  My oldest friend, from Kindergarten came to visit on her way home from a trip to New Hampshire.  Her daughter and 3 grandkids were with her.   It was wonderful.  It is unbelievable that Mandy has grandchildren and my kids are in elementary school.  Life is full of different paths.

But, I struggled with missing school.  Her arrival and departure directly overlapped school, so I had to make a choice.  I went with what I could not recreate.  The EMBA office sent me DVDs of each class.  Each morning while I exercise I watch them.  I also take our portable DVD in the car so I can listen while I drive between customer meetings.  The experience has actually been great.  Exercise is more enjoyable while I listen to Terry Nance or Tim Monahan.  Going forward, I want DVDs of each class.

So, because I missed Leadership, there is penalty work.  Yes, that seems contradictory for a Leadership class being taken by adults who are spending +$80k.  I is clear our professor doesn’t trust us.  Mentally, I have renamed the class “Management”.

My penalty assignment for Chapter 3-everyday for 7 days make a list of 5 things you are grateful for.  Does the exercise change your overall mood and outlook?

Today’s list:

  1. Greg
  2. Maggie
  3. Paige
  4. Oppty to speak at the New Hire session today-my intention for this meeting is have the new Account Managers understand they need to create value in the eyes of our customers, and to help them understand how to do that.
  5. Oppty to meet the candidate for Assoc. Director of EMBA -my intention for this meeting is for her to know that the program will be a reflection of me for it’s lifetime.

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  1. Dan Waldron Says:

    I must say this is a great article i enjoyed reading it keep the good work 🙂

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