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RFP Lessons to Lead With February 24, 2009

Filed under: Learnings — Carla Bobka @ 9:55 pm

RFP’s are about looking forward

  • What is the customer’s long term strategy?

  1. For the RFP
  2. For their business as a whole
  3. Speak to BOTH at the outset of the presentation

During the decision making process (after the presentations) is the strategy the same as it was when the RFP was developed?

What is distinguishable about the equation of Your Company + the customer = future vs. the customer + a competitor=future

  1. Articulate that simply and clearly (put a sharp point on the spear that is your value proposition)

  • Be sure everyone on the your team is languaging that message-simple and clear
  • It should feel like a no-brainer to the customer
  • No-brainers don’t make your head hurt
  • Complexity makes your head hurt

“Client Embeddedness” will it help?

  • Sometimes referred to as stickiness
  • Is stickiness about making it too painful to leave?
  • Or is it about the future w/ you being better than the future w/ others

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