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Being a Constructive Resume Reader March 4, 2009

Filed under: Ideas,Learnings — Carla Bobka @ 3:17 am

One of the contacts who read my resume sent a gift in his response.  Along with the message of encouragement in moving through the circumstances of job loss, he helped me formulate my value proposition and pointed out features I might look for in a new company.  He even suggested companies fitting that profile.

I will never read another resume the same way again.  I will read it “the Scott way”.

Below is the note he sent back:

Hi Carla –

Judging by your email and your resume, you are obviously someone who embraces the essential attributes of learning and change. I wish I had a position to offer. As I do not, I will certainly keep your qualifications in awareness.

You may recall that I am a commercial pilot. For now, Delta continues to keep me button-holed in the cockpit. The recent merger with Northwest, as well as economic conditions, have changed the game for moving out of the cockpit. So I can’t offer anything at Delta. However, reading your resume, there are two companies in my industry that immediately came to mind which would seem to match you initiative, creativity, and disposition to be at the edge of occurrence. Those would be Jet Blue and Virgin America. Both are innovative marketers. Of course, neither is related to pharma, but they do innovate in the disciplines of product development, product placement, and customer-facing technology integration.

Jet Blue is HQ’d in Queens, NY. Despite everything that has happened in the airline industry in the past 10 years, they have continued to be a vibrant and growing company. They also enjoy huge political backing.

Virgin America is HQ’d in San Francisco. They are the U.S. offspring of Richard Branson’s UK-based empire. They are very innovative, but they are more stressed than Jet Blue right now. In fact, they are looking for more US-based capital to prevent exceeding their 25% foreign capital limit. No telling where that will go. But Richard Branson always seems to come up with something.

Notice how he picked up on my core interests, as well as my style?  Then he pointed to companies within his industry which would be a good cultural fit.  He pointed to places for me to look.

For me it crystallized things I knew, but had not been able to clearly articulate:  I love to learn new business models, (which means I am industry neutral.)  I need to look for a creative company, even if it is not a traditionally creative industry.  Now I can research cultures that fit my style.

Thanks Scott!


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