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Leadership Techniques March 21, 2009

Filed under: Learnings,Life in General — Carla Bobka @ 11:53 pm

Check out this great NYTimes article on leadership in today’s economy.  Greg Brenneman, CEO CCMP Capital, speaks to simplicity of message and helping your team find satisfaction beyond financial gain.  His thoughts are particularly germane now, as flocks have been thinned, leaders remaining need to take time to examine who  is left to be led and what will work to lead them in this environment.  Is it the same mix of personalities?  What is different, or the same?  Will the same techniques work with who you have left?

What will motivate them and keep their attention on the next target?  The world at large is very distracting at the moment.  Even those who have avoided cut-backs face re-balancing their personal lives as so much changes around us all.  All these distractions fight with corporate goals for attention.  Brenneman proposes leading with a simple message, articulated on a single sheet of paper.  He has a remarkably simple strategy in these complex times.


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