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Nine Interviews March 22, 2009

Filed under: Goals,Ideas — Carla Bobka @ 12:35 am

Thursday I had a series of interviews for a position I am pursuing.  There were nine interviews.  (Yes, 9)  One interviewer called it speed dating.  He was so right!  The schedule became congested as conversations ran a bit over time.  One interviewer split her time with me between two buildings:  one at 10:30am and another at 4:15pm.  We had a hard stop at 4:30; I had a conference call scheduled.  Fortunately, she noticed I still had energy left by our second meeting.  When she mentioned it, I had not noticed, and she was right, I did still have plenty of energy.  (9:00pm was a different story!)

One question asked was in regard to personal development.  Here’s what I am working on now:

    • Being in the moment (instead of thinking about the next moment)
    • Reflecting on and capturing thoughts immediately after conversations instead of moving onto the next thing on the agenda
    • Taking a bit of personal time-work out, read for fun, listen to my kids practice piano instead of doing email while they practice
    • Stating the obvious, “it” is not obvious to everyone
    • Spelling-it has been a struggle for me since 1st grade, TG for Spell Check

The benefit of a nine interview day is it allows a full picture of the role to emerge and uncovers the needs of key stakeholders.  By 4:00 I had begun to craft a 60 Day Plan.  Reviewing the details of the plan with the prospective new boss in our recap meeting gave him a sense of how I prioritize initiatives from the constituencies involved.


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