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Customer Strategy Model June 19, 2009

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Without customers there is no business.  When you lose customers, you lose business.  In today’s economic climate, keeping customers and becoming more valuable to them is vital to survival.  Does your customer base fall into the 80/20 Rule?  If 80% of your revenue is driven by 20% of your customers, you better have attention on those 20%.  You need customer strategy.

Moving a customer relationship forward takes careful planning to ensure effective execution.  As discussed in the past, strategic planning for a customer is your plan for making them successful.  What is next for them, and how can you impact their success in a way that drives your revenue and your overall value in the relationship?  Notice that without serving their needs, yours don’t get met.  Win-win.

Over then several posts I’ll explore a framework for doing just that.  To plan strategy you have to start with a solid understanding of the context you are working within.  That is where we will begin.

Here’s how the model breaks down:

  1. Understanding the Context
    1. Who is the customer
    2. Who is the client to you
    3. Industry Landscape
    4. Goals
    5. External Impacters
  2. Strategic Planning
    1. Plan for the customer within your organization
    2. Components of the strategy within the customer’s organization
  3. Execution

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