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What Industry Are You In Now, Apple? June 23, 2009

Filed under: Strategy — Carla Bobka @ 3:27 am
Apple Revenue Streams

Apple Revenue Streams

The above chart graphically depicts the “what industry is your customer in,” discussed in the Context post.  If Apple is your customer, you need to be on your game.  They morph faster than most families.  They used to be in the hardware/software biz.  Then they got into the music biz.  Then, the phone; the phone that isn’t just a phone.  It is anything you want it to be, whatever you are interested in making it be.  All those apps, last report I saw, there are +15,000 of them.  It isn’t a phone anymore.  It’s a platform.

How did that happen?  Simple.  Apple decided not to tell its customers how to use the phone.  They didn’t tell them why they should like it or use it.  They let the customers make it what made sense for themselves, based on their interests.  The flexibility is amazing.  OK-and it’s fun and cool.  And feels good when you play with it.  Apple also decided not to control what applications would work on their hardware. That has allowed the platform to explode.  That is agility.

Opening the applications to anyone who wanted to play was surprising for a control oriented company.  But as you look at how Apple acts as a company, part of their culture is that they enjoy surprising people.  In fact, they make an event of surprising people.  The best part of the  surprise is that the fun is individual, and inexpensive.  At least the apps are inexpensive.  The ticket for admission to the platform is $199.


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