Relationships Drive Business

Strengthening Customer Engagement to Propel Your Business July 9, 2009

Filed under: Learnings,Resources,Successes — Carla Bobka @ 2:49 pm

We interrupt the regularly scheduled blog series to bring a special announcement:  When you need to cut costs on business tools and be effective, use to find reliable tools.

Free tools to help you get back to business

Free tools to help you get back to business

It is a concise listing of many FREE on-line tools to accomplish business tasks.

Where do you need to save money or be more effective:

Free web meetings.  Stop paying WebX and GoToMeeting.

Free finance and accounting software.

Free customer relationship management software-start tracking the relationships you build even if you can’t afford Siebel.  You can afford FREE.

Free project management tools enabling collaboration across geography.

Free analytics to help you see your business in a new dimension.

I just love when someone takes the time to organize stuff for the rest of us and simply explain how we can use it.  Good explanation skills are underrated.


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