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One Person at a Time September 25, 2009

Filed under: Ideas,Learnings — Carla Bobka @ 3:35 pm

Relationships are built one at a time.

There is no speeding the pace or scope of that, even in the age of social media.  It is still you and me connecting and finding value in something the other brings to the table. Rinse and repeat.

What the Internet and social platforms have enabled is scaling of the pace of connections.  You can respond to more people in the same amount of time now. So you can build more relationships simultaneously.  That pace was not possible when we only had face to face and phone calls to work with.

Today we also have visibility to the history of the interactions that led to a relationship’s existence.  That is valuable in that it enables observers to see a relationship develop.  It gives you a relationship footprint.  People can tell a lot about you from those footprints:

  1. What you are like
  2. How do you treat people
  3. What’s your communication style
  4. Cynical or Witty
  5. Respectful or Demeaning
  6. Do you meet obligations or dismiss as trivial

Folks will decide if they want to interact with you based on these things, AND still look for you to create value for them in a particular way.

None of this is new, I’m not the first to point these things out.

The real question is what are you doing inside your business’ world to take advantage of what this makes available?  How are you leveraging that scale to form relationships with more people each quarter?

Relationships drive business.  Get more of one, and you will have more of the other.


One Response to “One Person at a Time”

  1. Janice Raphael Says:

    I wish I had written this one. The best and most succinct statement of this concept that nails it. The phrasing is a call to action. Thanks — I plan to use this with full credit.

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