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Success is Hard, Embrace the Simple Stuff October 9, 2009

Filed under: Ideas,Leadership,Learnings,Resources — Carla Bobka @ 3:47 pm

Creating success is a long, hard road. Overcoming obstacles is part of the journey. Sometimes there are more land mines than you care to admit. Ignoring your presence as a leader is one of those land mines that can really surprise you. How you do at presentations is part of that presence. Presence is how you show up to others.  How you show up is part of your ability to build relationships or build a blockade preventing them.

Dan McCarthy wrote a wonderful piece on Leaders and Presentation Skills.  It is worth a read.

The company I work for, Freesource, is pretty small, and growing really fast.  The good news on the size front, is that makes us all leaders. Both with clients and the functional areas we head up.  Not showing up to others with the presence of a leader makes everything that much more difficult.  A bit of work on the sideline, with some trusted advisers is a solid strategy for being an asset in front of clients, colleagues or a crowd.  No one wants their company remembered by the idiosyncrasies of the representative they met.  You want the company remembered for the value provided to customers.

Yes, it takes effort, it is learnable and simple.  Read Dan’s blog post, and polish your presence.


P.S. Yes, I have some work to do on the topic myself!


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