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Habits of Success October 12, 2009

Filed under: Ideas,Leadership,Learnings,Successes — Carla Bobka @ 8:42 pm

Ken Kowal, a former colleague at Iron Mountain, and currently owner of Solum Sustainable Wood Flooring, has been invited as guest speaker to a business class at Hartford Community College.  The topic he’s been asked to explore is ‘What are the little things that successful people do that make them successful?’  In planning his content, he reached out to ask what I would put on that list.

Here’s my list, in no particular order:

  1. Listen more than you talk
  2. Trust others to execute-don’t be a control freak
  3. Guide rather than command
  4. Acknowledge contributions of others, both 1:1 and publicly
  5. Be willing to fail and know how to do it without drama
  6. Take time to learn from failures
  7. Reach out to all possible resources for suggestions/ideas/guidance
  8. Take time to find and understand the informal power structure of your organization and learn how to gain access to it
  9. Have agility
  10. Don’t do a “big unveiling” of an idea; gain agreement along the path to the final idea.

Your list must be different than mine.  What would you include on yours?


One Response to “Habits of Success”

  1. Mark W. Schaefer Says:

    for me, never kick a crusted turd

    : )

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