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Relationship: An HR Dept. that gets it. January 22, 2010

Filed under: Ideas,Learnings — Carla Bobka @ 5:41 pm

If any of your friends have been looking for a job you’ve probably heard tales of rude interviewers, antiquated hiring processes and the communications black hole.

One of my friends was asked to come for a face to face interview the day after the phone interview. He and the HR recruiter had spent an hour on the phone after he’d been recommended by an SVP from another division of the company. The recruiter was an in-house HR staff member, in charge of hiring for SVP and EVP level positions. Their call had gone well, although the recruiter was elusive on the specifics of the job’s responsibilities. So he agreed to meet with her again the following day in her office as she requested. She told him he’d be meeting with a total of 5 people, so please plan to stay for several hours. The next morning, he spent an hour and fifteen minutes driving into center city for the appointment. The interview began 40 minutes late and the interviewer (the same person he’d had a phone interview with the prior day) took three phone calls during their conversation. At the end of the conversation she told him the position was no longer available, nice to meet you.

It doesn’t matter who you are, that stinks.

Well, I just had another experience with an HR dept. regarding a position I applied for. I received a flush letter, via email, they had other candidate more aligned with their needs. OK, no problem. At least they made contact.

Here’s the part of the email that impressed me- they pointed me to another resource. Here’s part of the email:

By referring me to another potential resource to help me with the problem they know I am trying to find an answer to, they added value for me. It’s OK they don’t want to hire me, they took the extra moment to craft a templated email that might be able to assist.  It’s just nice, and it shows they get it. Relationships are about adding value to others. Social media won’t solve the world’s problems, but it gives us another way to interact with each other and make it a bit simpler to be more helpful to each other.


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