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Go Forth And Tweet, or Blog January 26, 2010

Filed under: Ideas,Leadership,Strategy — Carla Bobka @ 2:35 pm

The Vatican has issued a new media edict. Wow. Talk about a mission. I’m not Catholic, but I’m very interested to watch this play out. I will be watching to see how priests embrace this decree from His Holiness.

Who will their target audience be? Everyone or just members of their parish? That’s possible now, with the geo-loco tools on Twitter and Bing.

Will they tweet in Latin, I haven’t looked at the translations tools closely to see if that’s available.

Will homilies be published? The written word is digested in a different way from the spoken word. And aging parishioners who can’t get to Mass in poor weather can enjoy the message from the safety of their home. Or after work with the kids.

I’m not poking fun. I’m genuinely curious to see the personalities that emerge.  At the moment I suspect there’s a hushed silence as the Pope’s message is digested. Then there should be a gigantic wave of learning. That’s going to be powerful.


4 Responses to “Go Forth And Tweet, or Blog”

  1. Jon Buscall Says:

    Wow! I guess that just goes to show you that Social Media is filtering through. Talk about entering the main stream.

  2. Jon Buscall Says:

    No, I haven’t seen that. Will put that on my ToDo list.

    It’s not surprising given how powerful a channel it really is.

  3. SEB Says:

    The Sistene Chapel is an incredibly powerful experience, as is the Vatican as a whole. Humbling, actually.

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