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Hello SocialPie March 18, 2010

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I am becoming a brand.

For the last 2 years I’ve been immersed in social media through other brands and I have developed clients of my own. So far they’ve known me as Carla Bobka.

I have a corp name, set up on the fly over a year ago, incorporated and everything (thanks Superman). All of 7 minutes went into the name for incorporation purposes. Honestly it stinks, so I’m not using it except for tax (and healthcare) purposes.

So I’ve picked a name and a logo and printed business cards. The name and logo are intended to represent my who I am and what I bring to clients. Of course the reputation for that has existed for a long time. Becoming a brand really means wrapping that reputation is visual imagery. I want it to conjure: colorful, conversationalist, interesting, giver, fashionable, full of energy with knowledge to share; and make you smile. If you asked my friends they would also say it should include “well accessorized.”

Are you ready?

Here it is: SocialPie

SocialPie's logo (need to check on copyright)

SocialPie helps businesses put the right pieces of social media to work growing their business. I help them figure out which pieces work with their goals, and how to implement. Small and mid-size businesses are my specialty. I’m really good at relating social media examples that people connect to their own business. I have a talent for explanation.

People have never really known how to begin working with me, so I’ve added a page to the blog (top header.)

SocialPie doesn’t roll off my lips yet, I’m still getting used to it. Let me know what you think.



2 Responses to “Hello SocialPie”

  1. SEB Says:

    I am really happy SocialPie is developing nicely…

    We’re long overdue for your next conversation.

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