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Social Media Examiner Re-post: Five Small Biz Tips for Social Media Success April 10, 2010

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Social Media Examiner

Over the last couple months I’ve talked with dozens of small business owners about social media. Two things they all have in common are being both interested and baffled by social media. Hopefully our conversations have fanned the flames of interest and quelled the nerves of befuddlement. Today a blog post by Peter Wylie really caught my attention I wanted to point it out to all my readers as well. He gives 5 pointers to  small businesses can grow by using social media effectively without big budgets.

The post is “Five Small Business Tips for Social Media Success.”

Here’s the Cliff’sNotes. It’s worth your time to read the entire post – IMHO.

  1. Local color – provide local context in addition to industry expertise; the big brands can’t do that from the corporate marketing department
  2. Provide value-make sure your content is clear in what the customer is going to get in return for their attention
  3. Be consistent-post on a regular basis or customer’s won’t visit again
  4. Diversity and connect – be on multiple platforms, offer unified but different updates on each platform
  5. Competition matters – iterate your efforts by learning from competitors, large and small

Here’s the entire post.


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