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Follow Friday List for this Week-April 9, 2010 April 12, 2010

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This does't tell me much.

Today’s blog is a selection of folks I follow on Twitter who really provide value for me. Below is Who and Why.

Thx to @chrisbrogan and his circle for the idea to talk about them in a blog post rather than just a #FF tweet. I never really got the #FF thing, not enough info in it for me to commit a Follow. This makes more sense.

Here’s my list:

@SalesLounge– I’m not a classic sales person, but need to sell to grow my business. Jennifer is she’s witty, has great ideas, projects style across the web (key for me) and gives me a kick in the pants just when I need it.

@kengrant – Ken is working to put Delaware on the map in how it uses social media to grow the state’s base of businesses. He’s created a digital community within the geographic community and we are helping each other everyday, even though many of us have never met in person. His ideas can be implemented anywhere in the world, so if your goal is similar, listen up.

@RooseveltNYC – if you want to learn by watching in the hospitality space, this is the place.

The guys over on the right side of the blog under “Blogroll,” are always good, too.

See you later,



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