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Hootsuite Rocks Functionality April 16, 2010

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Managing Twitter gets much easier when you actually leave and use a different application to tweet. After experimenting for about 6 months, I’ve settled on Hootsuite. And I’ve really thought it was the best, at least for how my head works.
Today I notices a new button at the bottom of Hootsuite’s screen, call “People.” Let me tell you I’ve fallen in love all over again. It shows you followers and concisely tells you just about everything you want to know about how you interact with them (following or not), the size of their influence (via Klout score), where their located (important if you need geographic influence for a walk in business like a dry cleaner or pizza place). And it shows you all your lists. Then the little gear button on the right and you can change your interaction with that user. And then scroll through everyone.
Here’s a screen shot:

Why is it SO great? It’s simple, visually organized and still jammed with functionality. Be still my heart. (yeah my friends think I’m a geek, too.)

The People button (bottom left-ish). Click on the image to enlarge.


One Response to “Hootsuite Rocks Functionality”

  1. Carla Bobka Says:

    I just noticed this: beneath the name/@handle it shows you an average tweet count/day. Nice stat to get rid of yappers clogging my stream with noise.

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