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Sponsored Tweets April 18, 2010

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Twitter is going to make money. You may have heard this week Twitter announced a monetization plan. Big deal. You only care if it can make you money too; isn’t that right? There is a good chance it can. Twitter’s plan involves ads, no surprise. But not ads as we know them. Ads where you get to interact with the advertiser by DMing or RTing or Replying.

Here’s another blog post authored by Drew Hawkins. I won’t regurgitate what he says so well. Check out his article, it’s only 1 page. It gives you a sense of how this may or may not make sense for your business.

You can already interact with customers directly using Twitter. The question for your business is:  does it make sense for you to pay Twitter for a leg up in the search results.

(Yes, I’ve noticed the Twitter kick lately on the blog. I’ll get over it soon, promise)


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