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Friday’s Villanova Executive MBA Alumni Conference – Follow along April 21, 2010

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Hi Everyone,

I’m hoping to see many of you on Friday at SAP for this year’s Villanova executive MBA alumni conference, “Is Growth Dead?” It promises to be a jam packed day. Dare I admit a year after graduation I miss having my brain stretched that far, Friday should bring back that sensation.

Anyway, reality says many of you cannot pull yourselves away from work to get here. Many of you are just slammed, or simply not able to hop a plane to join us. And Class 10 is actually in class, I think.

We’d still like to share the experience of the day, and Twitter makes that possible. Don’t worry – if you aren’t on Twitter it doesn’t matter, you can still take part by watching what Twitter makes available.

You can pull up on your desktop (or on your iPhone for $.99). Tweeters at the conference will be using #VEMBA10 to mark the conference tweets. Twitterfall will allow you (even non-Twitterers) to watch the tweet stream and see what’s happening.

Here’s how it works – below there are 2 explanations of the same thing. The first is text w/ screen shots of what to do. Here is video of me explaining it, your choice whichever you digest better.

Go to (click on each image below to see them better.)

Once at the TwitterFall URL, you see this.

Here's how to set up the search so you can follow the conversation at the conference.

Once in Presentation mode you can follow along or interact, if you have a Twitter acct.


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