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Seniors and iPads April 26, 2010

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In case you’ve been wondering about all the iPad hype, here’s an example of how it will change one woman’s world. Virginia is 99, suffers from glaucoma, and has not been able to read because of the disease’s progression. Her family gave her an iPad, and it changed her world. She can read, and is writing poems! Wanna bet she gets an email account before summer?

This weekend my church went through a lengthy debate before a vote on a new audio/visual system. Many of our members were concerned about the real value we would get from spending $55k. Currently it is difficult to hear the service, the mics are spotty at best, and there’s no recording capability. When we use a projector, it’s on a wheeled cart with a retractable screen. The vote passed and we’re going to install a system that I think will be terrific, both for our current congregation and for our future members.

After watching Virginia use the iPad, I’ve suggested to our board we put 1 or 2 iPads in next years budget. The big screens, projectors and speaker won’t help those in our congregation with failing eyesight. Just imagine being able to see the words to a hymn and be able to sing again. That’s joy. And that’s worth investing in.


One Response to “Seniors and iPads”

  1. SEB Says:

    My 88 year old father-in-law LOVES his. Much more natural to access the Internet this way.

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