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Why Bother with Facebook May 21, 2010

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SocialPie newsletter | Facebook | May 21, 2010
Facebook is more popular than porn. If Facebook were a country it would be the world’s 3rd largest, after China and India. That’s a lot of eyeballs. Odds are pretty good a portion of those eyeballs belong to your target market. Using Facebook puts you in front of them.
Today we’ll start with an introduction to Facebook basics, personal vs. business pages. The next 4 weeks we’ll explore these Facebook topics:
  • Using Facebook for competitive advantage without being a member
  • Insights about those who “Like” your page
  • Facebook Ads
  • Customizing Facebook
Personal profiles & Business Pages
Every member of Facebook has a personal page. Personal pages are for people and that’s where YOU connect to your real friends. People with businesses can add a Business Page. And people can “Like” your business. (this recently changed from being Fan Pages).
  1. Facebook is free
  2. Businesses cannot use personal profiles to promote themselves. They must build a Business Page from their personal profile. Break the rule and Facebook may shut you down.
  3. People who “Like” your business do not have access to your personal page or your friends’ personal status updates.
  4. “Liker” is not a noun
  5. You can get a “Like Us on Facebook” box to add to your website; for free.
Facebook privacy settings for users have been a hot topic recently. On Tuesday, May 18, Facebook promised to introduce simpler privacy settings. Read more here.
I’m full. Next week: using Facebook for competitive advantage without becoming a member.

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