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Facebook Insights June 3, 2010

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Facebook Insights is your business Page’s score card. Insights is an at-a-glance dashboard on your fan interaction. When you need to know how your page is performing, this is where you go. The dashboard shows you who’s engaged with your Page, how often it’s been viewed and what they responded to.

Finding Insights
Insights show up in 2 places, and are visible to Page admins only. High level stats appear on the left sidebar of your Page. You will find post quality ratings from 1-5 stars, number of interactions per week and which country’s fans were most active. For a deeper dive to the dashboard screen, click “See All” in the sidebar section.

Look at this example from VUAEE’s dashboard screen. You see charts of trends over time and more stats. There is male/female breakdown of fans by age, which fans are active by age and gender, fans by country, 2 charts showing trends over time, plus all the sidebar stats. Notice both the drop down arrow on both charts. Each drop down let’s you pick from 7 trends, for a look at 14 different trends. And it’s all free.


  • Insights are only on business Pages.
  • Only Admins can view Insights.
  • Insights = metrics
  • High level stats are on the left sidebar
  • Deep dive stuff is on the dashboard (click “See All” in the Insights section of the side-bar.)
  • Stats labeled “weekly” cover a rolling 7 day period, not a calendar week.
  • Facebook sends weekly email updates to Page admins.

Interpret and act on what Insights tell you about your fan base. If a third party manages your Page, make a live look at Insights part of your update from them.

Your turn. Are you using Insights? What’s working, what’s not?


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