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Rita’s Peeps – A case study June 7, 2010

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Several you are looking for email marketing inspiration. Here’s one from Rita’s Water Ice, a personal favorite.

Rita’s main goal was to build their Facebook Fan base. The timing coincided with Easter and their partnership with Peeps as a water ice flavor. The team working on the Facebook project capitalized on that. It worked, Rita’s got 105,00 new fans in two weeks. Yup, that qualifies as success.

One aspect of the Facebook campaign used email marketing to reach the portion of Rita’s lovers who use and supplied an email address at some point. If you trust a company enough to give them your email and they have a Facebook page, chances are pretty good that person will become your Fan. It worked for Rita’s.

An email marketing platform was used to deliver a fun, familiar and feature loaded message to those customers. (if you want to experiment yourself, go here)

Take a closer look at the email’s details. There’s a lot happening, and it’s well-organized. Without being well organized it would be chaos. Give yourself plenty of time to sort out the organization part. Then pack in the features:

  • The real goal, getting customers to Facebook, was available in 3 places.
  • Recipients could easily share with people they know to spread the love.
  • Highly interactive  – there were at  least 15 links within the email, each taking the reader to another piece of Rita’s information
  • Reward for the reader (the “What’s in it for Me” part) – contest for big prizes, free sample for everyone, free candy on a specific day.
  • Delivered via email – a place people already have their attention.

So Rita’s got 105,000 fans in 2 weeks. Big deal. It means nothing if they didn’t have a reason for wanting them to be Facebook fans.

They had a reason. They knew Facebook was an interactive spot where fans respond to comments and tell it like it is.  They know they can learn a lot about their customers and what their customers want. Rita’s wanted the interaction. So they needed to chose a place to be interactive (Facebook) and then get the word out that Rita’s had a home on Facebook (using interactive email.) Getting them there is only part of the battle. They also invested in someone to be interactive on Facebook and funnel the interaction to Rita’s leadership. What were fans telling them: What flavor do they want brought back? Where would new franchises do well? What flavor ideas do customers have? And not all comments are positive. Have you tasted the Peeps flavor, not a favorite of mine. I’m sure plenty of adults told them that on Facebook. Rita’s was OK with knowing not every customer likes every product they sell. And they were will to hear them express that, and they had a strategy for accepting the negative along with the positive.

Combining an email marketing campaign like this one as a tool to build Facebook presence engages your fans so your business can grow. It won’t work without a plan. Have a plan for what you really want to achieve and work backward on the execution. What did I miss, let me know below.


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