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Facebook Ads June 10, 2010

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(From SocialPie’s newsletter, June 11, 2010. Sign up here)

Facebook Ads are tiny and powerful tools. Don’t mistake tiny for simple. Facebook has changed the way we interact with each other and Facebook Ads have changed the way we think about ad design.

Micro vs. mass
Facebook ads are all about micro targeting. We are accustom to mass appeal: placing one ad to cover every service offered by your business. Micro targeting is the opposite: advertising a single product to 1 specific group of buyers who are most likely to act on your ad. To cover every possible buyer, you place multiple ads.

Here’s an example: a dentist advertises teeth whitening. The only people who see ad “A” are high schoolers within 10 miles of the office, who mention prom in their Facebook profile. To sell the same service to mothers-of-brides, place ad “B,” directed specifically at them. Both are likely buyers of teeth whitening, both need an ad that speaks specifically to them. Facebook makes sure the right ad shows up in front of the right person.

Rules are rules
Facebook has integrity standards. Ad rules aren’t hard, but you need to be aware of them. For instance you can’t use all caps or bad grammar or use a picture that grabs attention but has nothing to do with your business. Their team has the final say, so don’t ignore it. Edgy gets approved, sloppy doesn’t.


  • Only Facebook users can place ads
  • Facebook typically approves ads within 24 hours
  • Every ad is the same size
  • Dissect your services/product by buyer, not by department or general category
  • Ad budgets can be as low as $1.00/day
  • If you have a shippable product you can go international using Facebook Ads

Your turn. Are you using Ads? What’s working, what’s not?


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