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Facebook Fashionistas June 17, 2010

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Customizing Facebook
(from SocialPie’s newsletter; June 18, 2010; sign up here)

Facebook is plain vanilla. Every page dresses the same, sort of like school uniforms. You can give yourself a makeover.

To really reflect your business, you need a dose of style. There are two ways to give bring personality to your page: applications and FBML.

Applications are plug and play, sort of like adding a program to your computer – click “install” and you’re done. A new box or tab shows up on your page and “wha-la” you’re different than everyone else.

FBML (Facebook markup language) is code, sort of like HTML vs. plain text. Code changes everything. Code let’s you include a map, or a drawing, or change the names on your tabs or change the default size for images loaded. FBML can rock you’re look, taking you from ho-hum to red carpet; uniform to fashionista.

Take a walk through these examples: plain vanilla and tricked out. Your fans love you either way, but tricked out is “stickier.”


  • Facebook applications work on both business Pages and personal profiles
  • FBML is for business Pages, not personal profiles
  • Google Analytics works on tabs using FBML
  • The Wall tab’s image area can be changed with FBML; the newsfeed area and tab title cannot be changed.

Your turn. Have you tried this, are you curious or does it scare the pants off you? Tell us here.

SocialPie’s consulting engagements can help you find just the right applications for your page. And our implementation projects handle FBML designs to rock your world. Just let us know how we can help.

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads. Including superman.


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