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Fear of Bad Stuff June 24, 2010

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Coaching | SocialPie’s newsletter; June 25, 2010

Bad stuff happens. Fear of it can keep you frozen in place. Neither one is good, which do you choose: Bad stuff or frozen?

Many companies have avoided social media because they are frozen by fear of bad stuff. Billboards and newspaper ads have no risk of exposure to bad stuff, right? There’s no way for you to hear anything someone says about it. That’s not eliminating bad stuff, it’s staying out of earshot.

What people fear is criticism. Criticism is tough to hear. Our ego gets bruised, and it means there’s room for improvement. Which equates to work.

Let’s talk about bad stuff for a minute. Bad does not equal detrimental – unless you’re a “half empty” type of thinker. Conflict opens the door to opportunity.

Criticism Equations
Hear + ignore = people think poorly of you. Hear + do something = people see you’re interested.

“Do something” does not mean changing everything that gets a comment. Sometimes comments stem from a misperception or a piece of information that the customer didn’t find. Maybe it is buried on the website, or it’s labeled in a confusing way. Maybe there’s a wrinkle in your process that’s causing a problem. Don’t you want to know about that and do something to fix it?

Social media makes it simple and inexpensive to hear those things. When you hear it you can fix it.


  • Criticism happens whether you can hear it or not.
  • You can’t respond to things you don’t hear.
  • Criticism is usually not personal.
  • When criticism is personal, others usually recognize it for what it is.
  • You can’t change everything. You can explain why things are the way they are.
  • Keep your cool – criticism and hostility don’t mix.

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