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Making Videos July 24, 2010

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This week we continue on the topic of using video to grow your business. Specifically how to make them. Here’s a video with the details; sit back and watch.
  • Keep it short; this video is too long, under 2 mins. is best.
  • Lighting; even light is best.
  • Background; don’t let it be what’s remembered.
  • Pace; talk calmly.
  • Take and retake; don’t expect an Oscar worthy performance on the first try.
  • Use the delete button, not the quit button.
  • Risk/Reward – give it a shot, you have nothing to lose.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.


2 Responses to “Making Videos”

  1. cbobka Says:

    (here’s a comment emailed to me)
    Hi Carla,

    Great social pie.
    If I might add, from a visual perspective, a few more tips.
    For most effectiveness and to gain full attention, the visual is important. Of course that is my thing so it is no wonder I am hung up on it.

    Woman, wear makeup. Too much is good. Lipstick. Even if you don’t usually wear it. The lighting can be harsh and make you look washed out. (not you Carla, you look great!) This is standard in shooting photographically and goes for video as well.

    The background should be simple, non distracting. By non distracting, preferably one solid space. Some videographers use cloth or paper backdrops. It is all in the staging.
    You addresses this well too. The background should be appropriate to your role.

    Frame the subject just like you crop a photograph. I know it’s hard but try.

    Lighting-you stressed this well. Pay attention to lighting but avoid casting shadows against the backdrop (distracting).

    Looking down on the subject works well. Are there tripods ppl can use?

    Sorry. I am the eternal visual communicator.


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