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Accomplish Something August 8, 2010

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Putting Video to Work
In the last couple weeks we’ve looked at tools for making video, and seen how much users love watching them. Video is a tool, not an objective. Now it’s time to explore what you’re trying to accomplish with video.
Like everything else you commit time to, having an objective is key to getting the outcome you want. It is the thing that your videos as a whole, accomplish for your business. Once you define that, the then the topics of your videos begin taking shape. Start by finishing this sentence, “I want our video collection to show people …?” For instance, I use videos to give people a better idea of what kinds of things I help clients with.
Here are some ideas of objectives for your videos:
  • A way to display your expertise.
  • A way to explain the benefits of your business’ solutions.
  • A way to give a face to your business.
  • A way to solve problems lots of customers have.
Ideas of video topics that fulfill the objectives above:
  • Tell the story of customer experience with your service.
  • Introduce a product line.
  • Highlight trends.
  • Simplify the complex.
  • Familiarize customers with a process, product or concept.
  • Tell the story of your community involvement.
  • Show results for customers.
Online video for it’s own sake won’t produce results. Videos made around an objective have a purpose and results follow.

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