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And the Clouds Part… August 12, 2010

Today one of clients had a breakthrough. We’ve gotten her a foundation on Facebook and Twitter, and she’s beginning to promote to her customers that they can find her there. I’ve been working with her web designer and graphics person to develop a cohesive look across all the digital platforms.

This morning we went through Constant Contact for the first time. I had set up a template for her, loaded images and mailing list and added the beginning of content so she could see the framework. This afternoon she dove in herself, fine tuned the content, sent a test email and edited the oopses. At 6:00pm she hit send for the first time to all 2000 people on her list.

Prior to this she’d been doing a newsletter but the process was much different. She’d been putting her newsletter together in Microsoft Publisher and attaching a PDF to an email.

At 8:00 I logged into Constant Contact and could see the email was Sent, and she’d had 99 opens so far. I dialed her, “Hello, this is instant gratification calling…” I cannot tell you how tickled she is! One of her customers was in the store when she got the email. She opened it right up, no waiting for a doc to load, my client could see her read it. She could see how great it looked on the phone’s browser – just as great as it looked on her desktop before she hit send.

We’ve been moving toward this point for a month. There’s been 6 meetings, more phone calls and miles of legwork. And we’ve finally arrived at a place where she’s seeing all the clouds part and the golden light shining down on her business from the power of the web tools that had baffled her 45 days ago.

It’s a process, for sure. We have more ground to cover, and believe me her gears are turning on what to do next. If you are frustrated and feeling stuck, give yourself time, trust that there’s a point where you too will see the fog clear.


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