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Negative Comments in Social Media August 19, 2010

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Today I saw this post on a Facebook Page. It’s the sort of thing many businesses fear about social media.

It's not pretty, but you can save this customer.

Let’s talk through a strategy for handling the situation.

First, take a deep breath. This customer can be saved. She actually did you a favor posting the problem to your site. You can’t fix problems you don’t know about.

Response is essential or you cause more damage than her post. Your response is a way to show her and everyone what you’re made of. Here’s what to include in your response:

1. It must be public; respond where she posted. If you take it off line everyone will think you ignored her.
2. Gratitude – thank her for taking the time to bring the problem to your attention.
3. Acknowledgment – let her know you realize it frustrated her.
4. Action – let her know you’ll get it taken care of quickly.
5. Remedy – how can you make it up to her. What can you offer her to keep her business. Something free, lunch coupon for her and 3 friends.
6. Confirmation – after the problem is fixed, post again, in the same comment string that everything is taken care of.

What to NOT include:

1. Excuses – it doesn’t matter why the problem occurred. You’re the owner, you’re accountable for it, you’ll get it fixed now that you know about it. Keep the minutia to your self.

What did I miss? Tell us how you would respond.


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