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Social Streams are Worthless September 2, 2010

Filed under: Ideas,Resources — Carla Bobka @ 1:50 pm

Everyday I hear people say their Facebook feed is meaningless. Twitter is meaningless. Why bother, it’s not for me. They joined and didn’t get value so they bailed. That’s a good use of time, if it’s not creating anything valuable for you.

There’s a new app that might reorganize your social stuff just enough to make you look at it with new eyes. It’s Flipboard for iPad. If you don’t have an iPad, stop reading. If you’d like an iPad (that’s me, hint, hint Santa) or have one, Flipboard might be one of your first downloads.

Most important – Flipboard is free. Yeah, we love free that adds value.

Instead of me telling you what the thing does, watch the video. (scroll down)

For you reader/digesters – Flipboard takes all your social streams and puts them into a single application for you to browse all at the same time. But it rearranges the content from each into a more attractive and user interactive format. It’s all still sharable with others, you can still “like” a buddy’s status update or RT something interesting. It’s just more like a magazine than a bunch of different feeds.


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