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Facebook Places September 16, 2010

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Facebook's new Places feature.

Here are two good articles on using Facebook Places for your business.
Places is only a month old, so there are still lots of questions. Don’t wait for perfect, start exploring. See what you can do with it.
Check into your place on your smart phone. Then go to your Wall on your personal Facebook profile and click through to the Place Page. Now claim it. It’s a new communication channel. Claiming will end up linking your Place Page and your Business Page. It’s clunky right now, but go put yourself in line.

Talk to the people who have checked in. Ask them something. How they liked it. Was the bathroom clean. Did they see the new meatloaf entree on the menu. Did they take advantage of parking validation?

In the end this is about you having more information about the people who come to your business. Use that info to learn about what they want. That ends up growing your business.

What do you think? How can you use Places?


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