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Robot Wins Marathon September 21, 2010

Filed under: Ideas — Carla Bobka @ 8:07 pm

My sister-in-law ran her first marathon last weekend in Wisconsin. Her Facebook page kept us updated on her progress and split times.
Somebody figured out how to keep interested, remote cheering sections in the loop on how she was doing. The by-product of the updates was that it kept her in our thoughts throughout the ordeal. (or adventure, depending on your perspective)

A couple of her Facebook friends didn’t realize the updates were auto-generated and were posting comments “You can text and run? Isn’t that dangerous?”

After the race she let everyone know how it worked:

  • Her runner’s bib had a location activated microchip in it.
  • She linked her entry number to her Facebook profile during sign-up for the race.
  • When the bib crossed checkpoints during the race, it updated her Facebook status.
  • We all got an update on where she was, and her time so far, including when she crossed the finish line.

It was very cool, and let us send her good vibes during the entire race. We’re so proud she did it.

I love how technology tools can combine with social platforms to change how we get information about people we care about.  It’s a big part of why I’m involved with social media.

Congrats Cindy! I’m in awe.


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