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Applebee’s Rocks Social September 28, 2010

From SocialPie videos

Snaps to my local Applebee’s. They are doing a great job promoting where customers can find them on the web.
These fliers were on the hostess desk when we walked in for dinner. They’re cheap and effective. They were printed on regular typing paper on somebody’s printer. They were very nicely cut, not at all sloppy. And that is a key indicator of how they view themselves. (Don’t mess that up.) I couldn’t tell they were thin paper until I touched it.

From SocialPie videos

When we got to the table this coaster sized card was in the table tent holder. Same info, reinforcing the stuff on the little flyer.
The other thing – notice the “text to 32665” “like applebeeskennettsquare.” What better way to get interaction from customers than to give them someway to do it while they wait for their food. Brilliant!


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