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Facebook Success Summit 2010 – TweetNotes October 6, 2010

Tonight was the kick-off keynote by Brian Solis, for Facebook Success Summit 2010, brought to us by Mike Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner, one of my favorite blogs.

He rocked it. Big time. (not a surprise, but just as good as a surprise). Here’s his book, Engage.

Takeaway – figure out your Facebook strategy. Why do you want to be there. To accomplish what. Pretty soon people will be buying things with Facebook gift cards. Do you want to be ready when that happens? Start now. (Shameless plug – if you want help with these things call me. Wanna do it yourself get the how-to newsletter)

There are so much good info, it was nuts. The best way to share them with you is via the tweets.
Tweet highlights:

  • New definition of KISS = ‘Keep It Significant and Shareable
  • Facebook Success Summit 2010, the premier Facebook marketing event: #FBSS10
  • Reputation, trust, and relationships are earned through our ACTION and WORDS.” @BrianSolis #FBSS10 [Yesss!]
  • “The average ‘liker’ has 2.4x the amount of friends than that of a typical Facebook user.” @BrianSolis #FBSS10 [Wow!]
  • “No brand is an island. People don’t go to your website as much as they used to.” — @briansolis
  • “By this time next year, you as a brand/brand rep will spend MORE time/resources on Facebook than Twitter.” @BrianSolis
  • “Of the 150 million users on Facebook mobile, they are TWICE as active as web Facebook users.” @BrianSolis
  • “Friends, followers and fans are NOT created equally.” @BrianSolis
  • one last fun fact from Brian Solis’ #fbss10 keynote- Those who put digits in their updates are shared more than those who don’t.
  • Product, Price, Place, Promotion… and PEOPLE! Amen! #FBSS10 @Briansolis
  • “Any company that focuses on a higher purpose outperforms companies focused on profit.” @BrianSolis
  • “Social media is about sociology and psychology more so than technology” @BrianSolis
  • “More than 150 million people engage with Facebook on EXTERNAL websites every month.” @BrianSolis
  • “Someone who provides valuable & relevant content is an influencer.” @BrianSolis
  • “Twitter is a network for *competing for the moment*.” @BrianSolis
  • Target will soon be selling Facebook gift cards to buy what will soon be sold there. — @briansolis
  • Great insight from tonight’s keynote. Make sure your social media voice is engaging, empathetic, transparent and authentic. #fbss10
  • “On Facebook: Keep it short and simple. Saturday is biggest sharing day. Include more verbs than nouns.” @BrianSolis
  • “At the end of this – why? Why are you earning this attn?…hoping to earn this attn?” – per @briansolis
  • Those who use verbs more than nouns are shared more. — @briansolis
  • “The most influential individuals on the social web create, post and share content” – per @briansolis
  • “Saturday is the biggest sharing day of the week on Facebook” – per @briansolis
  • “We should look at continuum versus a campaign”…”use day to day engagement” – per @briansolis
  • “If you look at the social consumer, everything begins with search” – per @briansolis
  • “It’s not a fan page…it’s a brand page!” – per @briansolis
  • “Facebook is your homepage for the social web” – per @briansolis
  • “It’s about finding ways to integrate interaction, stimulate interaction in creative ways” – per @briansolis
  • You’re trying to connect with an individual whose attention is thin” – per @briansolis
  • “Individuals are already becoming more prominent than the brands who are trying to reach out to them” – per @briansolis
  • “Actions speak louder than ‘likes'” – per @briansolis
  • “As a brand, your actions equate to social currency” – – per @briansolis
  • “A lot of this is driven more by social science than technology” – per @briansolis
  • Listening versus hearing – this will create empathy w/ customers. Who is doing your social media comms? {communication}
  • “Ask what drives people to share…Who are your advocates?…Who are your adversaries?” – per @briansolis
  • “The 5th P is ‘People” (beyond the 4 marketing P’s of ‘product’, ‘place’, ‘price’ and ‘promotion’)” – per @briansolis
  • …and turning on the 5th P “takes empathy”, says @briansolis
  • “The last mile that we all need to embrace, define and implement is…the human connection” – per @briansolis
  • “Social media is your platform for communicating [your] mission/purpose” – per @briansolis
  • “To hide from this feedback (once you build your presence) is cowardice.” — @briansolis
  • “If you fear feedback, you may have other work to do before you think about social media” – per @briansolis
  • “One of the common themes I hear is the fear of creating an official page” from corps, says @briansolis
  • “Corp social responsibility goes well beyond charity/ contributions [instead] who are you trying to engage and compel” @briansolis
  • Touching on “the fallacy of social syndication” )the idea of taking one update and broadcasting across the web) per @briansolis
  • “More than 150M people engage w/ FB on external websites every month” per @briansolis
  • “People spend over 700B mins/month on FB…30B pieces of content…ave user connected to 80 pages/groups/events” per @briansolis
  • “Twitter brought out the me” says @briansolis, but it’s important to diversify the brand “you”
  • “Facebook is worth more of your time than Twitter” – per @briansolis
  • “It [Facebook] will not be your only focus, it will be your great focus” per @briansolis
  • “By this time next year, you as a brand will spend more time on Facebook than you will on Twitter” per @briansolis
  • Just wrapped the intro of @briansolis and now let’s live tweet his keynote, “The Case for Facebook and What Your Biz Needs to Know”

2 Responses to “Facebook Success Summit 2010 – TweetNotes”

  1. Brian Solis Says:

    Excellent recap. Thanks for being there!

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