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Relationships and Instant Gratification October 25, 2010

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A recent Brains on Fire blog covered a topic I’m passionate about – business relationships. One paragraph is particularly important, it speaks to the convergence of instant gratification, relationships and reality.

“The instantaneousness of technology gives you the feeling that you can get anything you want, right now. But that’s not how real life works, and it is definitely not how relationships work. They take time, hard work, and patience. Our desire for instant gratification is not neutral – it requires careful handling.”

Technology is changing many processes. Mostly, the steps in the process are rearranged because of what technology makes possible. Traditional step 4 may now be the new step 2. And it may occur much sooner than it used to after step 1. But that doesn’t mean there are fewer steps to take.

Do you believe in instant gratification in relationships? And if you do, are you a seeker of or a giver?


4 Responses to “Relationships and Instant Gratification”

  1. Interesting question. I don’t think technology gives us instant gratification, as much as it gives us the illusion of gratification. That said, I agree that relationships need to be nurtured. What is really cool is the connection between technology and relationships. How many relationships do we all have today, where we’ve never met the “people” we are talking to in person?

    • cbobka Says:

      Colette, thanks for stopping by. The distinction you make, “the illusion of …” is an aha moment for me, great point. In some cases I do think there’s instant gratification with static things – I can get a map on my phone to see which way to turn. On the relationship end – how many relationships do you have with people you haven’t met?

  2. June Collins Says:

    Thanks for sharing. I believe that relationships are like trees and flowers, they need to be watered and fertilized in order to grow. I like the technological aspect because I have talked with many people whom I would have never had spoken with before. I go back to the old Southern Bell Commerical: “Reach Out and Touch Someone.”

    Thanks for sharing your link on LinkedIn, Carla.

    • cbobka Says:

      Hi June, I agree about the watered/fertilized part. And I like that I can fertilize old friends in new ways, too.

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