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Help for Small Business Owners November 15, 2010

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Find tools to run your small business.

Today I discovered a new blog – AppEveryDay.

They are focused on helping small business learn about tools available to grow their business. They are industry agnostic, and never feature anything that breaks the bank. In fact their “About” page says they only feature tools that cost under $100/month to use.

Each post talks about 1 tool and gives you 3 reasons to use it and 2 reasons not to use it.

For instance after the write up for Vendr, an online store tool, they offer these pros and cons:

Three Reasons to Use Vendr:

  • You don’t have an online shop and would like to add one without enlisting the help of a developer.
  • You want to sell your item in multiple countries and in multiple currencies.
  • You need to launch a shop literally overnight with very little effort.

Three Reasons You Wouldn’t Use Vendr:

  • You have an audience that does not use Paypal or Google Checkout or you don’t feel comfortable paying the additional fees associated with both of these payment options.
  • You want to include videos for each product.
  • You want your customers to have a seamless shopping experience that uses the fonts and style from your full site.

I love concise information that helps you make decisions. Small business owners need all the suggestions they can get. This seems like a a great resource to help me evaluate stuff I use.

And they are from Silicon Prairie Nebraska. That’s near my in-laws. 🙂


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