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Review – New Year’s Resolutions November 17, 2010

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Look over there, about halfway between you and the horizon. See it? That’s The Holidays. They are nearly on top of us. Again. Yes time is flying. If anyone can tell me why it goes faster as you get older, I’m all ears.

Anyway, if Thanksgiving is that close New Year’s must be too. So I dug out my New Year’s Resolutions to see what I’ve accomplished and what’s fallen off the edge. And to start giving time to what I want to run after in 2011.

Here’s my list from January:

  • Create a legacy of programming excellence for Villanova University Association of Entrepreneurial Executives (VUAEE) by 2011. I created programming. But I didn’t execute on it. Yes there are some excuses about why, but the outcome is that only 1 program actually happened. I’ve stepped out of the leadership of the organization so I can focus that time on SocialPie.
  • Visit Arcadia National Park in ME before Labor Day. This didn’t happen. Greg found a job (YEAH) so with very limited vacation time we shelved this for 2010. It is on the calendar for next summer, all the research is filed and waiting for us. Researching activities is on the girls Christmas break to-do list.
  • Play golf with my daughters 2 times before the end of summer. Progress. The girls have been to the driving range 4 times. 2011 the goal is to get them into group lessons. Mom and Dad instruction isn’t working so well.
  • Write 104 blog posts before year-end. So far I’m at 83. Room to run yet, so I’m building a list of posts between now and New Year’s.
  • Take the next career step by March. Done, SocialPie was born and is growing.

As I review my progress so far, I’m not impressed with myself. But I have room to make impact before the calendar flips to 2011. I’m on it.


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