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Happy Thanksgiving November 25, 2010

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Happy Thanksgiving. Gratefulness is a big part of who we are as a family. It’s one of our core values.  Yes, we actually have these. They are posted on the ‘fridge.

During Thanksgiving break we try to be even more mindful of the people and events we are grateful for having experienced. This year there are plenty of folks on that list. Here are a few:

  • Friends and Family- you all know who you are. You’re all really Family. We couldn’t have made it through this year without you. It’s been one for the record books and the support you’ve given us has carried us through some deep valleys.
  • Fab 5 – these are my oldest friends. Kindergarten old. They know me from the inside out, every wart, wrinkle and stink bomb. And no one makes me laugh harder than this tribe.
  • Libby Zimmer, Sanford School’s new head of Lower School. She walked into some huge shoes, and she’d turned them into killer heels. We couldn’t have asked for anyone better to set direction and curriculum for our youngest daughter.
  • Heritage Senior Living – Greg’s new position is with this group and they’ve been great. After searching 18 months for a new position, it seemed pretty bleak. We’ve come full circle. Greg loves the job, despite the 90 minute commute. And he hates to drive.
  • My clients – not only have you entrusted me with your business, you’ve helped me grow through the experience. Making videos, growing audiences on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and helping you better navigate those tools on your own has been fantastic. I love this job.

You get the idea. This list could go on for pages. You’d get bored, and I still wouldn’t have fit everyone in.

Go eat some turkey, go fight with your sister. And sit next to your Mom.


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