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Small Business Saturday – Extended by AmEx November 29, 2010

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Did you shop small on Saturday. Boy, I did. My local garden center has gorgeous holiday wreaths and I took advantage of the $25 credit from AmEx to get a big beauty for the front door.

AmEx originally designed the campaign to be a movement. Any small business who takes AmEx was automatically enrolled. AmEx created a way for the public to register their AmEx card, and when you used your AmEx at a small business on Saturday, AmEx credited your account $25. It was designed to drive traffic to small business, promote use of AmEx’s card, let merchant’s sell at the price they set, and offer a $25 discount to customers and AmEx’s deep pockets funded the discount. It seemed like a really well thought out program with win-win-win for customer-retailer-credit card company.

Saturday night a post went up on Small Business Saturday’s Facebook Page that the event has been extended through December. So if your a customer register your card and take advantage of the $25 credit. If you’re a retailer the offer is still on, start promoting it to drive traffic into your store.


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