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20 truths December 8, 2010

Filed under: Ideas,Life in General — Carla Bobka @ 2:48 am

Inspired by Amber Nashlund and Brain’s on Fire posts.

Twenty things that are true for me.

  1. Love is magic.
  2. Exercise is a magic bullet; veggies are a close 2nd.
  3. Sleeplessness is dangerous.
  4. Relationships make life go round. Without my family and friends I would be awful.
  5. Every lesson you’ve learned during your life does not need to be applied to your life. 30 is a good age to assess which to keep and which to cast off.
  6. Shouting doesn’t work – not even with kids.
  7. Arrogance is frequently a cover for low self-esteem.
  8. Nearly everything I do involves writing. When did that happen?
  9. Learning new things is a rush.
  10. Pleasing everyone is not possible.
  11. I LOVE color.
  12. Constraints cause creativity.
  13. Gravity and oxygen are capital T Truths. All the rest are truths.
  14. Truths affect everyone the same. truths can hurt; be careful how you handle them.
  15. Self worth comes from self accomplishment.
  16. Struggle forms bonds.
  17. Clear communication is a necessity and impossibility.
  18. Leadership harnesses hope.
  19. Life is messy.
  20. Mother Nature never disappoints.

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