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Ugly is Ugly December 14, 2010

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Opt-in Text Message Best Practices

  1. Don’t over text your list- they will tune you out or opt-off your list
  2. Remember your text is interrupting them, make it worthy of being an interruption.
  3. Texts should be very specific, not general info.
    1. “Mani apt w/ Jenn just opened up at 3pm today”
    2. NOT “Apts available today”
  4. Inform your current customers that opt-in texting is an option. See the post card example above of how radio station WXPN is using opt-in texting and how they mailed a postcard to their listeners telling them about it.
  5. Realize that consumers will opt on and off your list based on things happening in their lives. If their office moves, chances are they don’t want updates on your lunch specials any more.
  6. Opt-in is key, if you text to people without them opting-in you’re spamming them, and that’s ugly.

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