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Headache Relief December 16, 2010

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Up to now, retailers who loved Groupon still had a bone to pick with their redemption process. While 66% of business owners describe their Groupon offers as “profitable,” many feel mired down with the redemption process. It is a paper-laden process thrust on retailers during the whirl of visits from Grouponees, many of whom are first-time customers.  Fumbling through paper to cross off a coupon-redeemer is not the “new customer experience” business owners want remembered. If the business has multiple locations to redeem the Groupon offer, the paperwork became even more cumbersome.

Imagine cross coordinating between locations which coupons had been redeemed? Yuck. If you don’t wade through the cross checking customers could redeem a single Groupon multiple times by going to each of your locations. That’s a recipe for cash flow nightmares.

“How many more cupcakes should I make?”

“Idon’t know, how many more Groupons are left to come in?”

“Well, let me count how many are crossed off on our 12 page list.”

“Wake me when you’re done.”

It seems Groupon has been listening to the gripes and developed iPhone and Droid based mobile phone apps to simplify things.  The apps were announced to Groupon subscribers via an email today. The apps are free, are available for download now and have been tested with select retailers. Keep in mind this app is different than the one telling buyers what Groupon is available each day. This is specifically built for the business owner.

As of posting time there were 2 reviews on iTunes about the app. Both ratings 4+. Time will tell if it’s a cure or just something to dull the pain.

What have your Groupon redemptions been like? Tell us in comments.


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