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2011 New Year’s Resolutions January 4, 2011

Filed under: Life in General — Carla Bobka @ 1:09 pm

Honestly I hate New Year’s resolutions. I’m good at setting goals for others. Show me a project and I’ll get the timeline mapped out and distribute resources. I’m just not good at doing for things I want for myself.

However, resolutions are helpful in setting direction. The years I’ve done it and paid attention to it, it has paid off. Particularly now that I’m a solopreneur, that is even more important. So here I am.  When I worked for someone else I revised client plans at year end. Now, in addition to that I have to really consider what I want to achieve for my self.

Here’s what I want to achieve in 2011:

  • Increase reliable income streams.  Being married to an accountant this will make so many things smoother.
  • Learn more
    • Take a Google Analytics workshop
    • Take a WordPress workshop so I am sure my blog is protected and rebuildable in the event of a digital hiccup.
    • Take a headline writing course. It will help blog posts, email updates, peace of mind.
    • Take a digital scrapbooking class or a Photoshop class. Be able to do more than crop and improve lighting. I want photo art.
  • Have a longer fuse w/ the kids. My oldest is pre-teen. It’s going to be as long a road as I make it.
  • Call my Grammas’ twice a month. Living faraway it’s easy to let this slide, and it means so much to them.
  • Be an active healthy family – 3 days a week do something for at least 30 minutes.  Eat 5 a day 5 days a week. Since I’m the cook the 5 a day is all me.

One thing I learned from last year, I need a plan to keep them in front of me. I learned this when I recapped my progress of 2010’s goals in November. There were too many things I had relied on my memory for. I need to see them in front of me every week. So I’m printing them, hanging them on the bulletin board on my desk right next to my daily affirmations. I’m also storing them in Evernote. (It’s a cloud computing program, free) I can access them from my laptop, iPad or iPhone. No excuses for not looking at them.

That’s it. What are your’s?


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