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Favs this week – Jan 16 2011 January 22, 2011

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People always ask me how I keep up on changes happening on social platforms. It is hard to keep up, and there’s no way to read everything, there’s just too much information.
I’m going to start doing a weekend blog post highlighting a 2-3 things I’ve read over the prior week that have struck me as important or influenced my thinking. You’ll see the link and 1 sentence about what struck me in the post. Take a closer look if something sounds interesting.

Thanks to Duct Tape Marketing for the idea.

This week’s stuff:

Facebook app developers can now access your home address and mobile phone number. This post is from Naked Security. If you have ever created a Facebook profile, read it. You may want to change some settings.

How to deal with self-created stress. Need I say more! The line I love most: Getting upset with your own thoughts is like writing yourself a nasty memo, then being insulted by it.

Super creative ways to show off with Facebook personal profiles. These people are amazingly talented, or know someone who is.


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