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Favs this week – Jan 23, 2011 January 30, 2011

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People always ask me how I keep up on changes happening on social platforms. It is hard for sure. There’s no way to read everything, there’s just too much information.

Below are things I’ve read over the prior week that have struck me as important or influenced my thinking. You’ll see the link and 1 sentence about what struck me in the post. Take a closer look if something sounds interesting.

Thanks to Duct Tape Marketing for the idea.

Here’s my favorite tweet of the week. From @davepeck

This tweet made me chuckle

New Security Features for Facebook – There are some simple (fast, and easy to execute) new security measures available to protect your Facebook password from being stolen. If you ever log in from a public wi-fi connection this is 4 minutes well spent.

Davos and Women, as covered on blog. I spent a chunk of time keeping up with Davos (World Economic Forum) commentary.  It’s always fascinating. This year Forbes sent some of my favorite bloggers. I followed their posts with a view into how Davos is different for men and women. And for newbies and oldies. I’ve determined I’ll never be an attendee, I just don’t have deep enough pockets. It is fun to watch from afar, though.

InMaps – LinkedIn has gotten it’s foot wet in creating customized info graphics of your network connections. It color codes my connections. Yours probably is similar – the companies you worked for for a long time have big splotches, smaller, shorter term gigs are a smaller cluster of color. One person referred to it as his “butterfly.” Mine looks more like a bug w/ antenna. It may be interesting to see how it changes over time as my connections increase. It is interesting to ponder why the color for my Archway Marketing connects are so small. I learned so much while I worked there. Other than that it doesn’t tell me how active my connects are on LinkedIn or how tight a bond I have with any of them. It only shows me that I have connections.

That’s it, have a fantastic week. And don’t let winter smack you in the butt.


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